The Legend of ELPanda Paws

(Cover and illustrations by Mariah Matthews.)

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        The ELVanite elves livelihood depends on the special stuffed love bears that they manufacture in their factory. The Santa Corporation delivers these bears to orphaned children throughout the world. Each bear holds special vibes of comforting love which can only be added by happy, cheerful workers.
         So when the terrible Negative Disease spreads throughout ELVanland, making the workers sad and listless and unable to make the bear quota, it is up to factory CEO, ELVina and her friend ELMetric to find the root of the disease. They find the sadness comes from a terrified panda cub who has been captured by zoo traders and tossed on the Bering shore after a terrible storm causes the ship to wreck. The two ELVanites finds the cub but must save it from the evil elves, the Ughlies. ELVina and ELMetric are captured when they try to rescue the cub. The damp, dark, bat-filled cavern terrifies ELVina. After many dangers and with the help of the tiny cave fairies, the Itizus, they escape with  the cub. ELVina falls in love with the baby panda, only to find that the cub, terrified at this strange land without her mother is still spreading the Negative Disease. Unless ELVina can think of a way to make ELPanda Paws happy, the town council members will send the cub away.