Are there #Pixies living in the #Oregon #Mountains?

Another of M. C. Arvanitis's
Fables ready for your reading pleasure. 

Written for mid grade readers but a fun read for all ages.  If you like pixies, you'll love Fernella. 

Too bad she doesn't love her tall, gawky self. It's a good thing she has the village inventor, Freddie, to love her. The trouble is she can't marry him until she finds her true magic. The shape changing pest, Puck, a Puk-Wud-Jie, could tell her but he just leads her deeper into the wilds of the forest where the Imps live.

This tale takes place in the beautiful mountains of Oregon, and tells the story of the feisty young woman who, as the seventh daughter of the Mayor of Fernsville, must find her magic before her father will give his blessings to her marriage with Freddie.

Get to know this Oregon Pixie. She finds herself into more trouble than you can shake a stick at!

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The Pixie's Road

(M. C. Arvanitis)

Be careful where you tread my child
When you walk near woods so green
Keep your feet upon the path.
They say Pixies can't be seen 
But if you listen, you may hear
Laughter that makes your heart feel free.
While walking in the woods, believe
And a Pixie you may see. 


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