M.C. Arvanitis
Soon to be published on Amazon.com
and other e-platforms 
 Nadeea's parents have been captured by the terrible Sea Lions and she and the other young Mers are left to be raised by the nannies in hiding.  Worse yet she is different than the other Mermaids, and being different isn't cool.
When Nadeea meets her fairy friends, Cassandra and Alex, and sees their beautiful wings, she longs for wings too.  Sir Cecil, the Hobbit Snerg, promises to help her find wings, but they must take a long dangerous journey to the home of the Damselflies who might know where Nadeea can get wings.
I have snergs, fairies, selkies, Squarettes, sea-trows and hill-trows, and other imaginary visions on my mind. How will they discourage or help a mermaid find her way to gaining wings and save her family from the slave caves? 
What's a Squarette? you might ask.  Susie Squarette is new to fantasy fiction. I guess you will have to read my book to find out about her.  ; )