FANTASY & Historical BOOKS FOR CHILDREN, Mid Grade.,


Chicken in the Oven for Christmas)

Don’t want to scare you but you know it’s coming!
Need a gift for your little one?

A gift may be  too large or too small.
Some need assembly that takes all night.
Some may work and some not at all.
But there’s one gift that is always right.

         Every child LovesA Book!

Parents say:
*****“It reads just like a classic picture book and is so fun to read out loud.
*****The words are easy enough that someone just learning to read should be able to handle it without much help.
*****The illustrations are fantastic.”
*****Your child will giggle as BFC find her way to escape Farmer Dill’s chicken hook.
*****“My child brings it back to me to read it again and again.
*****When BFC discovers her trips to the buffet have her on the fast track to being the main course, she saves herself, and her new strategy pole-vaults her to celebrity status.
Link to get the print book-
(In e-book form also.)

Want to add a little more to your gift?

If you think the book is not enough
Think about adding some other stuff.
Although you may not need it
How about a soft cuddly chicken hand puppet to help you read it?

Touch your child every day