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A brief tale embodying a moral using fantasy legends and mythical creatures, such as Mermaids, Elves, Pixies, Selkies, Leprechauns, Fairies, Imps, and other known characters. Some not so well known join in, such as Trows, Snergs, Gwilon, the Goat gwitihn, and the shape shifter, Puk-Wud-Jie.

My Fables include all of these and in addition I introduce other characters who live only in my mind, such as the Itizus, Sadie Squaette, and the evil Ughlies. Each fable holds exciting adventures and has a hint of romance.

These Fables are for young to mid-grade reader, and for non-reader listeners. Written in short chapters they are perfect for teacher reading to her students. I have published the first two both in e-books and print books. Number three, PIXIES OF THE FERNS, Fernella's Magic (where I introduce the shape shifter, Puk-Wud-Jie) will be on the market in early summer. 

The Legend of ELPanda Paws

Cover by Mariah Matthews


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The story takes place in the North Land, near the Bering Sea coast. For hundreds of years The Claus Corporation has contracted with the ELVanites to make the Love Bears, which are delivered to seriously ill children of the world. In order to insure that each bear carries love and comfort to these children only Elves with love and happiness in their heart can make the bears properly. Negative feelings are discouraged in ELVanland.

ELVina, head of production Manager, finds her elf workers suddenly afflicted with the negative disease, an illness that makes them slow and careless. They whine and break into tears at the least little happening. "What is going on, ELVina?" Inspector ELMonte asks. "I have never seen so many unacceptable bears come from this factory before. The work is sloppy and certainly will not pass Mr. Claus's standards."

ELVina knows that if the Love Bears are not made in time The Claus Corporation will not renew their contract for next year. No contract---no work; no work---no pay; the ELVanites will starve. Something is wrong in ELVanland. Something is terribly wrong! She must find out what is causing the Negative Disease.



Cover art by Mariah Matthews

The story takes place  in the Hildaland, hidden city near the coast of Rowsey. Nadeea, is different from the other mermaids but has been protected by her parents, King Eric and Queen Eldora. When they and the other adult Mers are enslaved in the pearl oyster beds at the bottom of the North Sea by Sea Lions, she must live in hiding with the other Mer children. 

Bullied by the leader of the young Mers, She find life unbearable. When she meets fairies, Cassandra and Alex, and sees their beautiful wings, she longs for wings too. Sir Cecil, the Snerg, takes her  on a long dangerous journey, crossing the battle field of the evil Trows to the home of the Damselflies where she may find wings. But when the Selkies declare war on the Sea Lions she is torn between joining them to save her family or waiting for wings. Are wings more important than saving her family?


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It begins with this rough draft sketch of the cover. 
(Designed by Mariah Matthews) 

This fable takes place in the mountains of Oregon, and tells of the adventure of Fernella Fabrizio, a young Pixie who is the seventh child of a seventh child. Each Seventh Pixie has some kind of magic and Fernella must find hers before her father will give his blessings to her marriage with Freddie.

When humans threaten the Fern Pixies’ home, Fernella and Freddie fly off to find a new place to build Fernville. An accident leaves Freddie badly hurt. Fernella braves the wilds of the Mt. Hood foothills to find help. She faces Imps, moles, blizzards, and floods, that take her further away from Freddie. In despair she tries to find her magic. She connects with the shape shifter, Puk-Wud-Jie, who helps her find it, but what good is magic if she doesn’t know how to use it?



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Why would a Mermaid wish for wings?  
And where could she find them?

        Nadeea caught her breath. The fairy did not see the big wave coming in. “Watch out for the wave!” she called. Too late. The wave crashed over the small creature and she disappeared beneath the water. Nadeea dove in after her. She lifted the little body up onto the rock. The other fairy settled on the rock beside the wounded fairy. He placed his hands on his hips. “I'm Alex her brother. Now, what am I to do? She can’t fly with a broken wing.A deep voice startled both Nadeea and Alex. “Perhapsss, I can be of asssisstance!”

Below them beside the rock a small, round boat bobbed up and down in the water. A short, stout man wearing a yellow robe sat in the boat. A red pointed hat rested on white hair that led down into a full beard. He wore no shoes; curly white hair covered his large feet.
“Who are you?” exclaimed Nadeea.
“I be Ssir Cecil of the Snerg clan. If you can sslide the lasssie into my boat I will row her to sshore.”
          “Don’t do it!” Alex exclaimed. “He’s evil  They eat fairies.

Gnats swarmed around her eyes and ears. She pushed away newts and salamanders that crawled on the rock. A spotted red bug moved toward her. Just as she reached her hand to knock it off the rock she heard a voice.
“Hey, you there sitting down,
don’t knock me around.
I mean no harm to do.
I can be of help to you.”
Astonished at hearing a talking bug, Nadeea jerked her hand away. “What are you?” she asked.

Dragonfly-like insects nearly two feet long swarmed around them. A soft glow surrounded their transparent wings giving off muted colors of the rainbow. “I’ve never seen such large dragonflies,” Nadeea remarked.
“'Tiss no dragonfliess. Ye can tell a dragonfly from a damsselfly by its wingss. A dragonfly when at resst ssettless with itss wingss outsstretched whereass a damsselfly ssettless with wingss folded over itss body. This be the home of the largesst damsselfliess that grow in the world,” Sir Cecil answered.
“They are so beautiful,” she said, “Do you think I could have wings like theirs?”
“We sshall ssee, Lasss, we sshall ssee.”
An enormous Damselfly buzzed over them,   “What do you want here?” he roared.

"There’s got to be a way to get you out. I will find help,” Nadeea called to her family as she floated upward. Not knowing what else to do she swam back to her rock.  From there she could see and hear the Sea Lions and Seals fighting.  It didn’t look good, the Sea Lions were winning. She felt a nudge on her tailfin. Looking down she saw her friend Manny Sawfish and several of his friends swimming around her rock. “Nadeea, Nadeea,” he called, “We have come to help! Follow me.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Wonderful Fantasy Story about an Adventurous Mermaid,
This captivating story with fantastical characters will delight the imaginations of young readers. There is great detail throughout the book, making the scenes seem very real. As I was reading this out loud to my daughter, I could see her imagining the scenes as her eyes sparkled.

Nadeea, a young mermaid, is shorter than the other mermaids and is teased quite a bit by her peers. She is teased so much that she just wants to fly away to another world. She meets some friends at the water's surface and begins a grand adventure to rescue her parents and other Mers from their imprisonment by the evil sea lions. This is a well told story that grabs and keeps your attention as you follow Nadeea through her amazing adventures. Nadeea shows us that dreams really can come true if you stay persistent with your efforts and maintain a sense of adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed this story and would love to see a sequel detailing more of Nadeea's adventures.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Fantastic Fantasy,
Sometimes life gets too serious and because of this, I am delighted to come across this delightful mermaid book of innocent and creative imagination. This is an excellent way to spend a whimsical afternoon daydreaming into the treasures of the little girl heart. Daring to be creative makes this book a 5* read. Nadeea, take me away!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars
A belivable fantasy,
I enjoyed every page, didnt want it to end. I wanted to know more about the little Mermaid and her adventures. A book two is a great idea. Likeable and fun reading for any age person. A fun book with a message.
4.0 out of 5 stars
Really cute children's story.,
Having read one of M.C. Arvanitis' children's' books in the past I kind of had a feeling what to expect: a cute story with some great lessons. I was not disappointed.

Having grown up on Disney movies, I think that every little girl at one point or another has wished that she was a mermaid; but never really wondered what mermaids wish for when there's no prince around. I would never have guessed wings.

Nadeea the mermaid is just one of many unique characters in Forbidden Wings but she is by far my favorite. She was born different from other mermaids and as a result was bullied. She desperately wants wings so that she can fly like faeries. I loved that Nadeea didn't wish to be like the mermaids that bullied her, but wished to stand out even more.

She goes on a quest to find someone who can make her wish come true and ends up not only making a lot of new friends but learning some important lessons about who she is and life in general. I really thought that this was a great book for kids and would greatly recommend it.
3.0 out of 5 stars
Stitch Says Book Review
By Ashley
Do your children like mermaid, fairies and other mythical creatures? Do they enjoy adventure? Do they have amazing dreams they'd wish come true? Well then they would enjoy reading Forbidden Wings a Mermaid's Story.
It is the story of Princess Nadeea, a mermaid who dreams of flying. Her wish takes her and some fairy friends on an amazing journey. The meet some fantastic friends and have some incredible adventures along the way.
M.C. Avanitis has produced a children's novel that can be enjoyed by many. Some may find the speech a bit challenging at times, but overall it is an entertaining read.