How to set up a display table at a #book-fair


Going to local book signings and fairs are an important part of promotion. Here you interact with other local writers and newfound friends, who may not buy your books, but may know others who will want to buy them. 

 Plan your table set up before you get there. Place each book in front -- where it is easy for a buyer to examine it. Have interesting stand-up posters showing what your books are about. You can set this up at home to see how everything fits -- Make it simple -- cluttered tables distract buyers.  

When you get to the fair to set up your table -- again simple is good -- But you want your books to stand out from all the other booksellers' tables drawing buyers. When they approach the first thing they notice will be your book(s) which can be picked up and examined.
-- So add a bit of color -- 

Add a red tablecloth, decorate the front with colorful streamers, and hang colorful beads on the poster displays. If you have room, you can set an object relating to the books between the posters. (I added a small stuffed panda cub and a mermaid doll to draw attention to two of my mid-grade books.) Nothing should be set in front of your display of books. Keep the rest of your books behind the posters or in a box under the table. Copies of your Author and book information on brochures (or card) should be on the side of the table, easy to hand out to those passing by.

 And above all wear a SMILE.  


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