Business Announcement


My platform is the world -- my place of business is the internet 

My products are MADE IN AMERICA, one of a kind, and reasonably priced. You can find them at my home office at https://www.amazon.com/M.-C.-Arvanitis/e/B007UJWLC4/

My Products: Books for children of all ages.

Fables of magical happenings for Mid Grade readers 

 Hank of Twin Rivers; 
A series of the pioneer days and the boy who survived the midwestern Trails

And my first picture book for little ones and beginning readers, 'Chicken in the Oven'

The most important advertisement is your word of mouth,  spoken in reviews and is the most valuable way to help your favorite writer. So Please, IF YOU'VE READ ANY of my books go to the place you bought the book  and leave a line or two review. Easy to do - just pretend you are face to face with me and telling me what you think. )  I repeat, "You can find me at my home office at https://www.amazon.com/M.-C.-Arvanitis/e/B007UJWLC4/"
Give me a follow while there. 

(This add is sponsored by the M.C,. Arvanitis Writers Corp. And was approved by M. C. Arvanitis,)

Happy Reading