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J.B.Heaton and family leaving Buck Creek for land in Nebraska Territory

Buck Creek's well know resident, John Bernard Heaton, and family, is leaving our town to find land in the Platte Valley region of Nebraska Territory. John and his wife helped to start our town, when they homesteaded here twelve years ago. He, his brother-in-law, and son will be missed.
(News story in the Buck Creek News, April, 1855)   

Read the rest of the story in the first book of the 'Hank Of Twin Rivers Series.' The 'son' is Hank, who is forced to go with his family on an long and often dangerous journey to find a new home. This coming of age series takes a shy, smaller than most boys his age, from a twelve year old boy to his eighteenth year when he becomes a man.  

When Hank’s mother dies his father decides to go west to find new land. Hank rebels at leaving his home. Pa’s discipline is quick and painful and Hank has to obey. He feels Pa's disappointment in him when he doesn't call him by his name, only Boy this and Boy that. His comforts are Clementine, his pet cow, and his Irish, fiddle playing Uncle Mac. Hank faces unpredictable mid-western weather, rattlesnakes, and sandburs while walking behind the covered wagon. He withstands stampeding buffalo, murdering claim jumpers, unfriendly Indian Tribes. He finds friends along the trail; among them are Rusty, a rich Southern boy from Missouri; Nora, a teasing eight-year-old girl from Wisconsin, and a feisty, red haired preacher's daughter, Becca.