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Author, M.C. Arvanitis’s next novel in her YA historical books

Writing a book is like birthing a baby---both are held close to the heart until they are ready to be born, but a book starts in the mind instead of the womb---it is conceived as an idea first, then developed into a plausible shape until it is ready to be born---and somewhere along the line it gets a title. 


'Emma Rose's War' takes the reader back to the time of WW2, into the Midwest rural community, and how it affects the life of a teenage farm girl whose family is of German ancestry.

From the time she could write, Emma Rose has written down all her thoughts in her diaries. She dreams of being a reporter, like 'Brenda Star, the redheaded comic heroine taken from a comic series, ‘Brenda Star, Girl Reporter’.
Emma Rose hates being a girl and determines not to grow up to do what every other farm girl does; get married to a farm boy right after high school and have a pack of kids. Her fear of growing up creates another war in her mind. She swears to never fall in love with a farmer...But would her heart betray her?

She misses her beloved brother, Tobias, who had been one of the first to join the US Navy to escape being drafted into the Army.
His ship is lost at the disastrous bombing of Pearl Harbor, which started WW 2. And he is now missing in action. 

It is bad enough being thirteen, and the middle child in a confused family, but when the evils of war brings fear and sorrow for the adults in her world, Emma Rose Brudhall doesn't know where to turn. The government opens a German Prisoner of War camp near her hometown. The townspeople resist having the enemy near, but the farmers needs the prisoners to work on the farms since all able bodied young men are at war. When she goes into freshman class in high school, Emma Rose must choose between allegiance to her country friends and family, or to the town students who parents are against the POW camp. She so wants to be accepted by the popular town kids. And this depends on her decision. Whose side does she take?

More about Emma Rose's life.

The Brudhall’s hog farm is located a quarter of a mile from where Emma Rose’s best friend, Marta Wasserburger lives and seven miles on graveled roads from the nearest town, Crawford. Emma Rose's main joy is going to town on Saturday nights.

How Emma Rose may have dressed as a teenager

Ready for her first day of high school.

Or doing her home work while listening to Sunday Hit Parade on the radio.
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As Brenda Star Says


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