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Where she features her published books, or soon to be published books. Here she also reviews other writers and timely ideas to help writers along the way. She writes YA, Mid-Grade, and picture  
books for children.

M. C. Arvanitis’s over 40 years as a teacher gives her insight into the stories young readers like. Now retired, she writes books for mid grade readers that she calls "fables." She brings forth mythical creatures such as fairies, elves, mermaids, pixies, and other strange beings

THE LEGEND OF ELPANDA PAWS, available in ebook - and print.  

FORBIDDEN WINGS, A MERMAID'S STORY, available as e-books and print books.

  Her third Fable, PIXIES OF THE FERNS: FERNELLA'S MAGIC. is available as an e-book, soon to be in print.

Ms Arvanitis's teen/YA historical series, HANK OF TWIN RIVERS, BOOK ONE, JOURNEY OF CHANGE, is in print & as an e-book.Two more books in the Hank series will be added to her author's list in 2015. 

She is presently working on a WW2 novel, 'EMMA ROSE’S WAR', fiction for young adult and older readers,  and will publish her first picture book, 'Chicken in the Oven', sometime in 2015.

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