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M.C. Arvanitis

Once there was an Ancient Land
Where dinosaur lived so nice
With their friends, the monkeys.
Their enemies were the mice.
The dinosaur were large and strong.
The mice were small and meek.
They were afraid of the dinosaur
and the dinosaurs thought them weak.
The land was getting colder
As each century passed them by.
The monkeys needed a warmer land
With a hot sun in the sky.
They felt the ice age coming nearer
They must leave this land, somehow.
So they invited the dinosaur
To go with them to the Here And Now.
"We must leave this place,"
They said, "and find another home.
We'll sail across the ocean, but
We don't want to go alone."
The dinosaur said, "We can not leave.
We're too large to travel far away.
Take the mice, they are so small
And they don't want to stay."
"Yes, take us with you," cried the mice,
"Please include us in your plan.
The dinosaur make too much noise
And we want to leave this land."
So the monkeys and the little mice
Sailed together across the sea
To find the land of Here And Now
Where they would always be.
They left the dinosaur behind
To live on the Ancient Shore.
That is why in the Here And Now
You won't find a dinosaur.
C 2011 by M.C. Arvanitis (If using this story please leave comment)
This story is free and may be shared so long as author is given credit.
Copy picture below and give your child a box of Crayons and see what happens.