FANTASY & Historical BOOKS FOR CHILDREN, Mid Grade.,


Cardinal is lost in a blizzard. Who will save her?

Winter Friends

M. C. Arvanitis

Once there was a Cardinal
Flying on a dark and stormy night,
She flew here and there, lost in flight,
She was looking for a sheltered spot
Where she could safely light.

The wind was blowing wildly,
And she needed to find a tree,
Or some other place to be,
But snow fell all around her,
And it was hard for her to see.

At last she came upon a house
With lights shining bright as day.
She heard a pleasant voice say,
"Cardinal, my friend, come down
Before the wind blows you away."

A snowman stood on the ground.
Two sticks stuck from his side,
Like arms that opened wide.
"Perch yourself upon my arm.
Rest on me," the snowman replied.

Cardinal landed with a sigh,
“You just saved my life," she said.
Without you here I'd be dead."
"Well now, Glad I could be of help.
Hello. You can call me Fred.

You are welcome to join me, friend.
Feel free to rest upon my arm.
I will keep you safe from harm.
At least for a month or two,
Until the sun becomes too warm."

Cardinal stayed with Snowman Fred.
The bird and Fred was quite a pair
And together they would share
A song, a joke, or a dream or two.
She knew she was safe right there.

But when spring came to the yard,
And sun beat down hot and clear.
Poor Fred began to disappear.
It was time for the friends to part.
Cardinal tried not to shed a tear.

She built a nest on a tree near by,
And sang songs of good cheer
For all the folks around to hear,
While she waited for the winter snows
When Fred would once again appear.


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M. C. Arvanitis