(ages from 8 to 12)  

M.C. Arvanitis


"What is a Fantasy Fable?" you may asked.

A moral fable combines the left (logical) & right (creative) side of the brain, so it both entertains creatively and validates certain types of behaviour, morally.

The creative part is the fantasy tale which often involves animals rather than humans. It speaks to our hearts as it entertains us; the ending is the logical, moral conclusion that satisfies our logical brains and seems right.

"Kids don't like to be preached to." 

True, The best moral fables are ones that entertain the reader without preaching but still have a moral. 

My Fantasy Fabels fit this bill. They are entertaining, yet have a silent message. These books are parent approved, with less violence but still exciting and entertaining.

"Why fairy tales for mid grade readers?"

There are so many fantasy picture books for ages 2 - 5, and older fantasies novels for upper grade/YA readers, but few are for the lower/mid grade reader. My books are formatted in short chapter books just for them. 

"Where can I find these books?"

They are available at these links.

Pixies of the Ferns, Fernella's Magic  

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Forbidden Wings, A Mermaid's Story  

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The Legend of ELPanda Paws

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