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1855 History of a Pioneer Boy on the Wilderness Trails

Hank of Twin Rivers is the story of a pioneer boy’s journey from a shy, withdrawn boy to a self-made young man; of his adventures on the Oregon Trail from north Iowa to western Nebraska. It tells of his often-dangerous life on the Midwest plains, and of growing from boy to manhood on the Chisholm Trail with the horse wranglers. Each book is a stand alone story.  

Cover Art for Hank Of Twin Rivers
Book One
Journey of Change 
Cover Artist: Dori Murnieks

Book one: Journey of Change, Thirteen-year-old Hank loses his adored mother from cholera. He conflicts with his father who believes that punishment will make a man out of a boy. His Irish Uncle Mac brings humor into his life and serves as a cushion between the two. His love for his pet cow, Clementine, makes life easier. When Hank’s pa decides to leave their Iowa homestead to find free land in the Platte Valley Hank is forced to go with him even if he has to walk all the way. He finds travel mates in Rusty, a southern dandy and the “pain in the neck“ tease, seven year old Nora. He tangles with the thieving Butler Brothers, rattlesnakes, buffalo stampedes, and flash floods, gets acquainted with a black tracker along the Platte, and discovers the preacher's daughter, a tomboy who doesn't like boys.

Excerpt: A low rumbling interrupted his thoughts. He noticed a dark cloud behind them. He ran toward the wagons. “Dust storm coming.” he hollered. Uncle Mac, shading his eyes, looked back at the dust. A look of horror came to his face. “Saints preserve us! They be buffalo!” he shouted, “Square up the wagons, J B!” He galloped toward Hank, calling, “Laddie run!”
The ground shook under Hank’s feet. The roar of thousands of buffalo deafened him as he raced toward Uncle Mac. He glanced behind. The huge animals were about to run him down!


Cover Art for Hank Of Twin Rivers
Book Two
Journey of Change 
Cover Artist: Dori Murnieks

Book two: VIEW FROM THE EAGLES NEST: Hank views the growth of Pa's trading post from his perch in a tall tree along the river. He had the honor of naming his new home, Twin Rivers, near where the North and South Platte merged. He helps deliver Clementine's bull calf and interacts with a hard-drinking city boy, makes friends with Ta Ha Zouka, a Pawnee youth, and falls for Becca, the preacher’s daughter. Here he  faces the River Valley ghost, saves a family of escaped slaves from slave catchers, deals with Pa's domineering new wife who wants to send him up north to school, and becomes lost in a blizzard. 

Excerpt: Another drawn-out moan filled the air, floating from the willows. The eerie sound sent a chill through Hank’s body. The moan came again. It sounded almost like a human cry. Whatever it was he didn’t want to tangle with it. He saw movement near the willows. “There it is,” he whispered.
A hunched back creature hobbled toward them, waving its arms and dragging one foot. Fur covered its body and wild white hair stood out from its head. It made a high pleading moan and reached its furry arms toward them. Becca grabbed Hank’s arm. “What if it climbs the tree?” she whispered.


Cover not yet created.

Becca's father thinks Hank and his family are heathenish and takes her away from Twin Rivers. Hank joins up with Hoss Smith and his Wranglers who follow the Chisholm Trail through Kansas and Oklahoma into Texas. His search for Becca takes him through the Ozarks where his wounds from a bear attack is healed by an Ozark witch, he witnesses a battle of the Civil War, and finds Becca working as a nurse near the battlefield.

Excerpt: As Hank reached the opening of the cave he heard a growl. He looked behind him. A humongous bear moved toward him. Hank ran toward the cave but a pair of cubs blocked his way. The bear lunged across the pond and went for him. Hank felt terrible pain as its paws wrack him across his thigh knocking him down. He screamed. The bear was on top of him before he could get up raking its claws over his chest, arms, and throat. He screamed again and rolled over covering his face. The bear dug its claws into his back.
He heard a gun shot. The bear raised its head. Another shot. The bear roared in pain and limped toward her cubs herding them into the cave.

“Wasape got you good, son. Don’t you know not to tangle with a mama bear?” An exceptionally tall man stood over him looking down with narrow eyes. His face was dark and winkled. He had two parallel lines tattooed across his cheek and nose. “An Osage Indian,” Hank thought. Amos had told him about them.

 The fourth book of the series, BECCA'S STORY will be launched in 2014. 

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