FANTASY & Historical BOOKS FOR CHILDREN, Mid Grade.,


Excerpts from Pixies of the Ferns,

M. C. Arvanitis

Pixies of the Ferns is the third of my  mid grade fantasy books. Here is an excerpt of this book I am working on at the present time.  
Fernella's friend, Freddie, has volunteered to fly  Sergeant Farley who, hired by the town council, is to find a new home where the Pixies can be safe from Human progress.  Fernella and her friend, Fanny, town clerk, goes with them.  

A white-topped mountain appeared in the distance, the sun shinning down on it’s snow covered top. “The Mortals call that Mount Hood,”  Sergeant Farley  informed them, “I scouted the base of the mountain a few years ago. The land is rugged, covered with massive rocks. Not the kind Mortals can farm. Even the loggers work in lower elevations. And there’s water. The Imps don’t make their homes near water.”
“Do you think we could find a place to relocate there?” Freddie inquired.
“Probably on the upper elevation around the foot hills.”
Freddie turned the flyer toward the mountain. The higher he flew the stronger the wind whipped the machine. It dipped nose down. He pulled it up with all his strength. “Hold on,” he shouted above the roar of the wind. “I’ll restart the engine. Give us more power.”
Fernella held tightly to the front panel. Fanny squealed, and squeezed against Farley. Putting his arms around her, he shouted in her ear, “Hold on, little darlin’.”
Freddie zoomed the flyer downward until it leveled out over the tops of the trees. He breathed a sign of relief. “I have it in control now. Just needed to start the engine.” They flew toward the mountain. In the sky above them large, black spots came toward them. “What are those?“ Fernella asked.
Before Freddie could answer, flocks of crows attacked the plane, their caws deafening. Fanny screamed.
“Crows.” Farley yelled. “They think we are in their territory.”
Hang on. We’ll get lower and lose them.” Freddie put the flyer into a dive. Seeing a tree straight ahead he desperately pulled the nose up. Too late! The last thing Fernella remembered was an ear-splitting noise.

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