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Pixies, Mountains, Imps, and Moles .. what do these have in common?


I am adding to my list of Mid-grade FABLES, 'PIXIES OF THE FERNS; FERNELLA'S  MAGIC.' The tale takes place near Mount Hood, Oregon, and tells of the adventure of a young Pixie, Fernella, and her friend, Freddie, an inventor. Fernella is the seventh daughter and seventh children are born with special magics. She must find her magic before her father will give his blessings to her marriage to Freddie. When the humans threaten to develop the Pixie's home near Sandy Waters, Fernella and Freddy take off in his flyer to find a new place to build. The flyer crashes leaving Freddie badly hurt. When Fernella goes to find help for him she meets up with a Puk-Wud-Jie, who is no help at all, she thinks. She is attacked by the vicious flying Imps and captured by moles. Who will help her escape? How can she find help for Freddy? And above all how will she find her magic? 'PIXIES OF THE FERNS; Fernella's Magic' will be launched in late 2013.

Fernella's Path


Check out my other fables now available as e-books or print books. They are written for mid-grade readers but children from 4 to 94 will enjoy them too.  Pick them up at links below.

For Smashwords, Nooks, and other devices:

For Smashwords, Nooks, and other devices:

I take much care in writing these fables, adding adventure and excitement without using undo violence.
Parents can feel free to give these to their children. 
I take much joy when I know they are being read. That is the pay a writer wants most
and it makes me HAPPY.


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