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NOW OUT! Hank of Twin Rivers,Historical series two of a pioneer boy coming of age on the Nebraska prairie.

M. C. Arvanitis apologizes to her readers for the long wait of the second of the Hank of Twin Rivers series. Sometimes life gets in the way of progress. But now she has

Hank of Twin Rivers, Book Two, The Eagle's Nest has been published for your reading pleasure. 

Hank, now sixteen, has settled with his Pa and Uncle Mac in the Platte Valley where they set up a trading post for immigrants who travel the Mormon and Oregon Trails. New people settle near Twin Rivers including Preacher Twiddle and his large family. Hank makes friends with the preacher's daughter, Becca, although her father forbids them to be together.In this coming of age story, Hank conflicts with his father, who still treats him as a little boy. When his step ma insists that he go to the eastern school to become a doctor, Hank takes charge of his own life. 


If you haven't read the first book of the Hank of Twin Rivers series, you'll want to get it first. 

The first book of the series introduces twelve-year-old Hank Heaton and his family who follow the emigrants’ trail from Iowa along the Missouri River to the merging Platte Rivers in western Nebraska in the mid-1800's. Historically correct, the novel takes readers into the exciting and dangerous adventures of a pioneer boy.


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Ms Arvanitis thanks her readers and friends who support her efforts of bringing good literature to Mid-grade, YA readers. Her books are Adult approved. 


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