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THE UGHLIES, a preview of "The Legend of ELPanda Paws.

Excerpts from my now published fantasy for middle readers. Chapter Book, "The Legend of ELPanda Paws.
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 "When the Panda wakes she finds herself between two creatures. She can tell by their horrible smell and looks that they are not human. Narrow dimmed eyes glare at the cub. One of the creatures pokes her with a stick. She cries out. The creature laughs evilly. “Just what we need to get even with those stuck up ELVanites, right, Ferocious?”

Yeppers, Usser, this one will spread the negative disease for sure.“ The other creature’s laugh is even more evil than the first. He whacks the terrified cub across her rump. Fear and sorrow, mixed together, fill her heart with a terrible ache. She wails for her mother but to no avail. The Panda cub is lost in a strange land and captured by the evil Ughlies. There is no way out.

Illustration by Mariah Matthews 

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