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Four To Get Ready Puppet Dialogue # 5: I Wish I were Never Born.

This is Lindy Leo Lion who was the resident puppet in the Four-To-Get-Ready Preschool for sixteen years. He was designed and made by my daughter, Mary.

January's Free contribution.  In January many teachers post the children's baby
pictures to celebrate new beginnings.  This dialogue fits in these discussions.

Every preschool/kindergarten classroom should have a
school puppet friend. This puppet is introduced to the
students at the first of the year and only the teacher uses it.
(It is a tool not a toy) Have a puppet story time at a specific
time each day. Teacher should use her actor’s voice .. try to
speak differently when speaking for the puppet. In my dialogues
the puppet is a lion, thus called “Lindy Leo Lion”. You may
want to use another type of puppet. Use the same puppet each
time and be sure you give it a name that will interest the students.
You may want to put on a bit of music that will remind the
Students when it is the Puppet Story time.Please feel free to 
copy off and use. I only ask that you list me as the author and 
that you leave a comment if doing so. It would be nice for me 
to know if these free stories and dialogues are useful to you.   
M.C. Arvanitis 

Four To Get Ready PUPPET DIALOGUE # 1: 
I Wish I Were Never Born.
By M. C. Arvanitis 

 TEACHER:  (Hold puppet’s head down. look over the puppet.) You

 look rather unhappy this morning. Is something wrong?

 LINDY: Everything is wrong! I woke up with a headache.  I didn't 
             have any milk for my breakfast cereal. I. forgot to prepare for this morning’s
             story time. I wish I had never been born.

 TEACHER:  It would be a different world if you hadn’t been born.

 LINDY: Well, no one would miss me.

            TEACHER: You are right. We couldn’t miss you if you hadn't been
            born because we would never have known you. We have to know
            someone in order to miss them. But since you have been born and you
            are our friend we would miss you if you were not here.

LINDY: Would you really miss me?

TEACHER: Of course, we would. I remember the first day we met
you, when I introduced you to our class. Don’t you remember?

LINDY: Yes, I remember. I was so shy of meeting the children.

TEACHER:  Do you remember how the children made you feel better
by singing with you? After that whenever you were around us you
made us all feel good with your songs and stories.
LINDY: Well, yes, but sometimes I still feel useless. I wonder why I
was born.   (Have puppet bow its head as if sad.  Use a sad voice.)

TEACHER: We all feel that way once in a while, Lindy, but we
have to remember that each of us was born for a reason. We each have
special things that we can do. You were born to share your stories and
songs with us. If you hadn’t been born we wouldn’t be able to hear your
stories and sing your songs.

LINDY: You mean if I had not been born I wouldn’t be able to be here
with you and the children?

TEACHER: That is exactly what I mean. You were born so you
could be here with us and make us laugh and sing.

LINDY: And dance!

TEACHER: (Laughing) Puppets can’t dance. They don’t have legs.

LINDY: I can if you’ll help me.

TEACHER: Do you really want to dance?

LINDY: Oh yes.  I was born to boogie--to twist--to do the hop--to
cut the rug--to trip the light fantastic.  Where’s the music? Where's the

TEACHER: Well, if you think you can dance I have some music
right here.  Come on everyone. Lets dance with Lindy.
            (Play quick stepping CD and dance around the room moving
the puppet to the beat. Encourage children to dance with the music.)

LINDY: (Out of breath.)  That was fun. It made me tingle all over.
It’s so good to be alive. I’m glad we all were born. But now, I’m tired. I
think I’ll take a nap.

TEACHER: I hope you will come back tomorrow because we would
really miss you if you didn’t. 

LINDY: Oh, I’ll be back. I can’t wait until I tell you my next story.
Good-bye everyone.
            (Retire puppet to its place.)

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